Worldwide Websites

If your business has a global presence you need a website to match. It is not enough to have a single website and hope that it will serve the needs of your customers worldwide.

See what we can do to help your business with an effective global presence.


Geo-Targeted Websites

Did you know it is possible to show certain parts of your website to different visitors depending on where they are in the world?

You could arrange for your website to show your content in different languages, show prices in the local currency, or tailor your content to make reference to the locality of your visitor.

What seems perfectly normal for a UK visitor to your website might seem completely alien to another visitor who is from South America for example.

You can take advantage of geo-targeting in a wide variety of ways, ranging from simply altering your price structure to effectively building a new website for each country using sub-domians such as, or

Better Conversions and SEO

It stands to reason that a happier user experience for your visitor, brought about by better and more meaningful engagement with your content and product or service, may lead to better conversions on your website.

However, a secondary effect may be seen, in that your search engine rankings in various geographical locations should improve too, as Google ‘rewards’ you for being relevant to people in that country.

Various factors play a part in global website and search engine optimisation such as where your website is hosted, the language you use and Geo-indicators in your content (for example with references to local geographical features).

Do you need to consider a Global Audience?

If your business is a local emergency locksmith in a small town then needless to say you won’t need to consider how your website is presented globally, but if you sell goods or services online and would be happy to attract more customers from around the world, then perhaps you should consider investing in optimising your website to enable you to spread into these markets and get search engine rankings in them.

You need to ask yourself how likely you would be to buy online from a website you cannot understand or one that clearly isn’t aimed at you, or expecting you find them!

Speak to us at Top of the SERPs to discuss your website needs, whether it looking at updating your existing website, or starting a new website aimed at a regional or global audience.