Foreign Websites

You can see our Worldwide Web Design page for more information on building websites for foreign markets.

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Foreign Web Design with Geo-Targeted Websites

There are a few reasons why you may need to consult foreign website designers:

  • Your existing business wants to expand to foreign markets
  • You are starting a new business targeting overseas markets
  • You want to take advantage of ‘easier’ foreign Search Engine Optimisation

When considering overseas markets you need to create a website that meets the needs of the overseas user and that is optimised for the search engines in that country. For example, if you are targeting the german market then your content should be in German and if it’s a new website, then German hosting would help you to rank batter.

We can build the website for you, based on research of your market keywords in the appropriate country and language. We will make sure that we follow the best practises in that country and make it optimised for their users.

Foreign markets are much easier to rank in the search engine for and provide a great opportunity for new or expanding businesses.

Overseas Web Design/ Websites

If you really want to you can learn to code your own website using this resource.