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Since April this year Google is penalising non mobile-optimised websites for searches on phones and tablets! We not only build new websites but we design websites that are mobile friendly. We can even check or update your existing website so that it is not banished from the SERPs!

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An Introduction to Web Design…

In the beginning, websites featured primitive design elements. Mobile optimisation didn’t exist, and search engine optimisation wasn’t in widespread use. Websites looked generic and full of boxes rather than interesting and fluid. Fortunately, website design is far more important these days than it was years ago. All websites need to be designed with certain things in mind.

Here’s a look the design elements no website should leave out:

Optimisation For Mobile Devices

Millions of people worldwide access the Internet from their smartphones and tablets. In fact, some people use mobile devices for 100% of their Web access. Websites require mobile optimisation to ensure that these users can enjoy their content. Creating a separate mobile website always makes sense. Otherwise, non-optimised websites can prove difficult to navigate or use on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet.

General Search Engine Optimisation

The concept of search engine optimisation has been around nearly as long as search engines. SEO’s singular goal seeks to make a given website the highest search result possible for certain keywords. To optimise a website, certain keywords should be incorporated into as many pages as possible. It’s important to avoid over-stuffing these keywords, though. A properly optimised website will have a low keyword density that leads to high search rankings.

Intuitive Design Elements

Today’s websites need to follow certain design and aesthetic philosophies. To that end, an intuitive design is a necessity rather than a recommendation. Navigation between pages should be fluid and simple. Each page should feature an intuitive design that’s appealing and easy on the eyes. Currently, a website’s design is an important factor in drawing in visitors and keeping them on a site’s pages. Poor designs can send visitors away for good.

Social Features

The rise of social media in the past decade has fueled the popularity of social plugins. What this means is that online users love seeing social features built into websites. For instance, websites with commenting features and user profiles are quite popular. Users on a given website want to interact with each other like they do on actual social media sites. Therefore, webmasters must incorporate certain social features into their sites whenever and wherever possible.

Website Design Is More Complicated Than Ever Before!

More and more goes into creating the perfect website with each passing day. Sites require mobile optimisation and general SEO tactics. Likewise, attractive and easy-to-navigate sites are a necessity, too. Websites that lack these design elements cannot succeed in today’s world. Millions of websites are available to Internet users today, and sites that lack certain elements of website design are often ignored.

If you’re brave you no longer need to muddle through code to design your own website!.