SEO Search Engine Optimisation Myths… Busted!

Strange as it may sound, there are people who ‘do not believe in SEO’. This category of internet users looks at search engine optimisation as a service that is all hype and no results. In fact, several misleading myths have surfaced as a result, as you will find out below.

Common SEO Myths – Busted

Search Engine Optimisation Never Works

This is a big one. However, other than video, email, and social media, search is the most popular internet activity. In fact, about half of all customers begin their purchases using search engines, and, more than 50% of marketers can attest to the importance of SEO in lead generation. Things such local SEO have helped improve the popularity of location-specific businesses such as restaurants.

SEO Gives Some People Unfair Advantage

There is nothing unfair about wanting to improve the visibility of your site on search engines, which is what SEO is all about. After all, everyone can do it. SEO is like advertising, some businesses choose to do it, others don’t; and those that fail to advertise cannot claim that the businesses that spent time or money on advertising had an unfair advantage. This is a service that is available to anybody with a web site. So, it’s a very level playing field for all involved.

SEO Is A Scam

These days, it is very easy for anything to be labeled a scam. Do not fall into this trap and miss out on the numerous benefits this service has to offer to your online business. Sure, there are some SEO service providers that are out to rip you off, but that is not to say the entire industry is a scam. The sites that are able to rise from obscurity to become top-ranking sites on Google do it through SEO.

You Should Never Buy Links

This is usually accompanied by another misconception: link building is dead. Some SEO “gurus” have decided to claim that buying links is something you should avoid at all costs. But, the truth is, having links to your site, whether you pay for them or not, is critical to your site’s ranking on Google. Search engines look at the significance and relevance of your links. So, buying links can raise the profile of your site.

SEO Is All About Keywords

Actually, it’s not. Keywords are definitely important, but this is not the magical bullet that will address all your SEO needs. After all, modern search engines recognize the use of synonyms things like content quality. The point is, SEO is a multifaceted discipline that has to be approached with an open mind.

The Final Words

The bottom line is, SEO makes it easier for internet users to find what they are looking for. You can even look at SEO as a textual map that allows those looking for services and products using search engines to find those offering them with greater ease. Take a look at this recent article in the Guardian.

If you are selling certain things, you have a better chance of getting customers if you use words and phrases that your potential customers are likely to use when conducting web searches (SEO techniques). So, the negative myths about SEO are completely baseless. SEO is not a way to ‘play the system’, but rather a way to make it easier for your target online community to find your products and services.