UK SEO is different to Search Engine Optimisation for other countries in that the algorithm for (UK) is different to that used for Google USA, Italy, Spain, German or otherwise.

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 UK SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Space in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is limited, especially if you want to be shown on the first page of the results. After all, who checks page 2 of Google?!

If you want to rank in Google UK, then our UK SEO Services will help you out. Whether you want to rank for search terms that aren’t town or city-based, or if you want to rank in some of the counties and regions such as Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, the Midlands or Aberdeenshire, or even want to rank right down at local town or village level you need a strategy specific to the UK.

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Search Engine Optimisation can sometimes throw out funny quirks such like this story in the UK’s International Business Times about a man who unwittingly found himself at the top of Google.