Foreign SEO Services

Foreign markets are great opportunities to create and rank websites. Foreign SEO is more ‘relaxed’ than in say the UK or US. If you have a product or service you want to promote to overseas markets then our foreign SEO services can help. Just ask!


A Brief Guide to Foreign SEO Services for Overseas Countries

If you have a website that crossed international boundaries, then it is perhaps best for you to know about the basics of SEO in foreign countries. You see, if you really want to make a statement internationally, then you need to treat each country as an individual so that you can rank as highly as possible in as many markets as possible.

Why Treating Each Country Individually Is Key.

To understand this, you only have to think about what happens when you go to Google. This search engine has numerous websites that are country specific hence the existence of for the UK, for Australia, and for South Africa to name only a few. Now, the results on each of these websites will be slightly different to those from the .com websites as they take country specific information into consideration when deciding which results will appear on that all important first page.

Steps To Take.

As a website owner that wants to do well in different markets you need to go about treating each one on its own and one of the first things that you should consider doing is buying the country specific domain name for your business. This is going to cost you money, but the search engines for those countries are going to prefer it, so buy them for the markets you are most interested in as it does make it easier to rank. 

It is also important that you start to build country specific links for those websites as Google will rank that higher than just generic links that you use on every website that you own. You also need to think about using the local language both with your websites content as well as your links, so if you are aiming at the French market, then use the language with your SEO as that will always rank you higher. 

So, with foreign country SEO:

  • You need to register a country specific domain for your website to rank higher.
  • Use the local language.
  • Get links specifically for that country.
  • Use hosting in that country.

By doing this, you will rank higher in foreign countries and this is going to make a huge difference to how successful you are in those markets. Take your time in doing this right and you will reap the benefits for some time to come and surely you can see how that is going to be beneficial to your business?