The Number 1 SEO Secret To Boost Your Rankings (and the tool that helps you do it)…

We all know SEO involves over 200 factors, but if we had to choose just one single biggest factor that influences where we show in the SERPs it would be…

The power and relevance of our backlinks…

and luckily, we know how to get an endless supply of powerful backlinks that we control.

So here’s the solution to getting powerful links to our website, for very little money:

The Private Blog Network (PBN)

  1. We’re going to create our own network of powerful websites, that leave no footprint to give away the fact that they are all owned by us. They are going to look and function like ‘real’ websites
  2. We find domain names that no-body ‘owns’ (dropped) but they still have powerful links pointing to them
  3. We ‘revive’ the websites, and in turn revive the power that they once had.
  4. We add content to the sites, but channel their outgoing linking power to our website instead
  5. The power of these websites is almost as good as it ever was. These domain can have powerful metrics such as high Page Rank, high Moz Domain and Page Authority, high Majestic Trust and Citation flow, a natural backlink profile etc.
  6. Imagine getting a backlink from a PR 5 domain with TF of 25 and DA of 30 and all it cost was £6 for the domain and a few pages of fresh content?
  7. We can repeat the process and quite often, just a handful of these powerful links is all it takes to push your website up the SERPs sometimes within a couple of days
  8. Remember there are brokers who generate a full time income finding and selling these domains with good metrics, and even a ‘standard’ domain would cost over £100 if you went through a broker, rising to £200 and £500 or more, such is the value of good dropped domains

How to find Powerful Dropped Domains

There are a few services that deal with dropped domains. You can buy them from Auction (such as Godaddy) but you may wait a while, get out-bid, and don’t have access to metrics from Moz or Majestic for example. New services have recently been launched such as Source Revive and Drip Way but these run on a credits system which you purchase and you typically need to invest upwards of £200 just to use the service to find the domains. They are good at what they do, but they’re expensive.

Then we look at services that have stood the test of time such as Register Compass, Premium Drops and Dom Cop. We’ve used all of these and by far the best is Dom Cop (not an affiliate link and we’re not involved with them in any way). Premium Drops doesn’t have the metrics we need to analyse and is horrible to use. Register Compass is the second best but is still cumbersome to use and is more geared to live auctions rather than dropped domains. So, we’ll take a closer look at DomCop.

Using DomCop to Find Dropped Domains

DomCop can be used for free but to see the expired section it will be approx £25 a month. At present there’s a 7 day free trial.

DomCop has much-needed search feature to sift through a few million domains! You can find domains with certain words, numbers, character length and the niche/ topic according to Majestic. There are probably a few dozen metrics you can apply filters to but the most important ones are:

  • Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow
  • Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Confirm current availability
  • Age
  • Backlinks according to SEMRush, Moz and Majestic
  • Social Signals
  • Hide spammy and brand domains

Other metrics include the CPC of the keywords in the domain, existing traffic, Alexa rank, Dmoz directory listed, Page Rank, Estibot value, .Gov and .Edu links, FaceBook shares, Twitter mentions and more! For really serious buyers you can pay a little extra and see domains from the past year. Through a little more investigation you can discover where their links are coming from and uncover links from powerhouses like Wikipedia, CNN and the BBC.

Use DomCop to Create a Super-Charged PBN

So you can see how powerful DomCop can be in finding extremely powerful and relevant dropped domains that are like sleeping giants waiting to be revived to pass that link juice to your website.

Of course, ‘playing’ Google’s ranking system like this is against their webmaster rules, so we wouldn’t advocate doing it. We’re just pointing out that most of the top ranking websites are using PBNs to get their rankings and by using a service such as DomCop, it is possible to register powerful domains for a few pounds.