About Us

At Top of the SERPs we pride ourselves on having a friendly approach to our SEO business. We have years of experience working in the best SEO agencies in the UK and we know what they do from the inside!

We can provide everything that these large SEO businesses do but in a much more friendly, less intimidating, less sales-driven way.

When you call us you won’t speak to our sales people. You can speak with your own, relevant expert who will actually work on your SEO, web design or reputation management project themselves.

Whether you ‘just want it taken care of’ or you have a few more questions before we start work, that’s fine with us.

The experts at Top of the SERPs have been working in Internet Marketing since going to University in 1996.

That’s 1 year before Google existed!

So, it’s fair to say we have a good footing in the online world and have seen a multitude of changes. We keep up to date with everything that is going on in SEO and what we need to do to keep ahead of the competition and to keep on the right side of Google.

We’ve had successful websites and some losers but whatever we have done, we have learnt a great deal.

In addition to our online marketing knowledge we also know a thing or two about running our business.

We don’t see the need in expensive buildings or tons of permanent UK-based staff. Instead we have built up our own team of outsourced employee who have worked for us for years and are based all over the world including in the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland.

We truly bring the expertise of a global workforce together with the approachability and friendliness of a local business.

That’s why we can offer the results of large SEO and Web Design agencies at a lower cost and in a friendlier manner.

We hope you’ll contact us and give us a chance to work with you.